Reviews / Art in America

September 1968

At Terry Dintenfass (October 8-26) Ronald Markman will expose more of his garrulous, gaggy, paint-and-stencil drawings, frequented by flying pyramids, Band-Aided elephants, geezers on unicycles, objects with lewd intentions and intentions with lewd objects—any of which (you feel) is likely to leave the picture as you watch. Poking among the zanily disconnected images, you can find pasticcios from Bosch, dada, Steinberg, the funny papers and “Hellzapoppin’ “—proving, I guess, that art comes out of art, or vice versa. The thirty-seven-year-old artist, who studied at Yale and teaches at Indiana University, also shows a group of cheery, loony fantasies in 3-D—notably, a fairy-tale tower that will give you a new perspective on Rumpelstiltskin.