Click on the links above to travel to these areas of the world that I have drawn and loved.  All the drawings are available as laser-prints --- visit the emporium for prices and details.  All the drawings are the property of the traveling man, and are copyrighted.


I walk around the area until I find what I want to draw, which can take an hour or an instant --- I try very hard not to be noticeable, but this is not always possible.  I need 3 or 4 hours, and I like to make sure the sun is behind me... also not always possible.  I discourage conversations with onlookers---although I find it hard to resist talking to the children who gather to watch. I always take drinking water and something to eat --- pretzels, M & M’s, etc.   

I take out my folding stool and a plastic box where I place my colored pencils, Rapidograph pens, and magic markers.  I start working, using the same fine Arches paper, same size and format, and once I start, I never leave the site. Usually drawings take 3-4 hours. I take one piece of paper to the site with me --- no more because I might be tempted to start another drawing.  I draw slowly and have no real margin of error:  nothing I draw is erasable.  When I do something I am unhappy with, I work it in. 


I never edit or tear up the drawings --- they are a record of good days and bad.  The drawing is about

the place and the day: to my eye, everything in the world is interesting, fresh, beautiful, draw-able ---

and I always feel

extremely connected to the place and

the drawing.



traveling man